Apply for your ESTA in 3 easy steps

1) Apply on-line 2) Make an online payment 3) Check your e-mail address

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ESTA application process

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Electronic System for Travel Authorization

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Electronic ESTA to the USA application

What is ESTA to the USA? and what is ESTA to the USA Requirements / ESTA to US Application Process?

The modern swiftness to accomplish a lot in human life has propelled the urge for the advancement in technology which is fully embraced by the modern generation. The trend has made communication, appointments, payment of service fee, and travel from one corner of the globe to the other simple and outright when equipped with the right travel documentation the process of verification and approval is a click away.

The first requirement to travel to other countries of the globe a must have is the country of origin legitimate and valid passport. The internet and interconnection of the Authorized Government department have eased the issuance of the passport, for the application of the passport and payment of the charge is done electronically.

What is ESTA to the USA

As the word can be broken down to Electronic System for Travel Authorization this is a real-time request method established in the United States by the government to cross-examine tourists to approve them to take chance in visiting the US.
Who manages ESTA

The ESTA application procedure is completed electronically under the US Department of Homeland Security.

How long is the ESTA valid?

ESTA is valid for 2-years with a possibility of an upcoming travel update.


10 years back the security concern and rules brought about the effect of ESTA requirement for the tourists that travel under the Visa Waiver Program to request travel authorization before the commencement of their journey to the US.

Who should apply for ESTA?

    • Citizens from the listed Visa Waiver countries that are interested to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program must apply. The must note is that only the countries listed citizens are supported in the system.
    • Any individual passing through the United States who is under the Visa Waiver program.
    • Toddlers passing through or touring the US having the Visa Waiver program.

What goes on during ESTA application

        • Application duration process is under 6 minutes.
        • 99.5% approval level
        • Compulsory since 12-01 2009.
        • Validity 2 years.

Must Note

        • ESTA approval is not assurance entry to the US.
        • There is a possibility of ESTA denial, in this case, application for B-1 Visitor or B-2 Tourist visa is applicable.
        • The recommended ESTA application is 3 days before departure to the US.
        • 38 countries are under the Visa Waiver program whose citizens can apply for ESTA.
        • The application is done while the visitor is in their respective country of residence, this allows the DHS to verify and analyze the applicant before the visit.
        • ESTA is a before visit authorization for the applicant to be in a position to board the means of traveling to the US the ESTA is not a Visa.

What is ESTA to the USA Requirements?

      • A valid passport
      • The country should be listed under a visa waiver.
      • Answer simple security and health status questions
      • Electronic monetary payment.
      • An email account for resending of application completion acknowledgment.

ESTA to US Application Process?

Online check for the country of residence is under the Visa Waiver Program will ease everything. The process is a direct and simple which is similar to US visa application form for the questions are on the applicant’s fingertips there is no complication if the correct information is entered properly you will spend less than 5 minutes go through the application to be certain every required answer is correctly addressed then pay electronically and wait for confirmation of the completed application.

The downloadable file of the authorization approval should be printed out for presentation on point of entry to the US. The visitor can travel to the United States for business, medical attention, vacation short period studies for 3 months.

The US government has made the travel procedures for foreign citizens easy to adhere to and get approval real time, as long as the correct information is provided similar to US Visa Requirements is completed online. The Government offers the opportunity to visitors to the US either for vacation, medical examination, and business ventures and survey to apply for the ESTA.

The visitors to the United States can only fail on their part as the US Government is determined to make the US dream achievable just provide the correct information, then arrange for travel means either through air or sea.